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Group photo of Grace School's teachers and students on the playground.


Grace School was founded in 1956 and is the oldest parochial kindergarten in the city of Hopkinsville. We offer morning classes for 3, 4, and 5 year olds with a maximum class size of about 8 students. The Board of Directors consists of members of the parish, and the school is under the spiritual direction of the Rector and Vestry of Grace Church. While this is an Episcopal School, all children of various denominations, races and ethnic groups are enrolled. It is hoped that, through the environment and experience in this school, children will be helped in the formation of Christian attitudes and values which will guide them throughout their lives.

Meet The Teachers

Grace School is staffed by well-qualified teachers, experienced in pre-school education. All staff members at Grace are trained by the Episcopal Diocese for proper interaction with children. Teachers focus on developmentally appropriate instruction through hands-on activities, socialization, and play. It is the teachers’ goal to make each child’s first school experience a positive one and hopefully to begin to instill a life-long love of learning!


We are now accepting applications for the 2024- 2025 School year. Forms can be filled out online but will not be considered complete until the $175 registration fee has been paid. 

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